FO Friday: Tea Leaves

I am nothing if not repetitive when it comes to baby sweaters. My grandmother was the same way- she knit the same few patterns over and over, since they were easy for her and she didn’t really need the pattern. For today’s old finished object review, I have another Tea Leaves. It’s another superb sweater pattern, and I’m sure I’ll knit it again. This one was knit as a Christmas gift for Mabry, the daughter of my dear buddies Dan and Jo who left us for the West Coast before Gabe was born. Sniffle. Yarn is Berroco Vintage from stash, and I finished it December 11, to get it in the mail on time!



I haven’t quite finished my half hatathon… But I have knit 11 hats so far this month. That’s crazy!! Let’s see what they are so far.

A reflective running hat (gift!)


And one for George.


A teensy baby hat to gift later…


And another, more boyish.


A huge hot pink beret I meant to give away but keep wearing


And another future baby gift


A gray owl hat for Gabe


And one to gift to a baby


Blue owls for Gabe, in case of loss… I’ll note both of these are in my car. Somebody likes tossing them away as soon as he’s strapped in his car seat…


A cozy hat for George


And another baby gift


So many hats! Two more to go… One is nearly done already. And lots of used up yarn from stash.. Huzzah!

FO Friday: Master Gabe

I knit a sweater for Gabe- I technically started it in May, but it sat while I worked on a ton of gifts. Finally finished it October 20. And I should have just given it to him, since I waited until Christmas and it was already 1.5 inches too short in the sleeves. ARGH! My son is so tall it’s ridiculous.

On the plus side, he is happy to wear it with short arms and I figure he’ll grow into sweaters I’ve already knit for him by next year. So it goes. This was knit in Miss Babs Yowza in the Nori colorway (one skein- the very last knit I can do for him from one skein, I bet). I really loved knitting the pattern, Master Charles, and am definitely considering knitting one or two more for Gabe in larger sizes. Perhaps with longer arms than the pattern recommends, however!

FO Friday: Sproutlette

It must be Friday! And yet another baby project! For once I stopped knitting Sunnysides and Antlers, and decided to make another little dress. This is Sproutlette, knit up in Miss Babs Yummy 2-Ply in the Lady Bug colorway. It took forever, since that skirt is enormous- from June 2 to September 1 of last year. But I adored how it came out. This was knit for my friend Lucy’s second kiddo- I really like Lucy, and I was just certain she was having a girl. Her first (William) is best buds with Gabe, and I really hoped she’d have a girl and that all three of the kids could be good friends. We’ll see about that part. So far Gabe loves baby Julia, but she isn’t stealing their toys yet!

FO: Flamenco Sunnyside

This Sunnyside was a really fun knit. It took a little longer, due to laziness and lack of project fidelity, about five weeks ending in late August. The yarn was gorgeous though- I took a dive into my favorite stash and knit it in Cephalapod Yarns Skinny Bugga! in colorway Spanish Dancer. Not sure who’s receiving it… there’s still a lot of folks I know having baby girls. But it came out quite lovely, regardless.

February Hatathon Challenge

Because my life is obviously not complicated enough, and I don’t read and knit enough as it is, I decided to do a challenge in February for my StashDown group from Ravelry (where we aim to reduce our stash). To seriously reduce stash, I need to bust out a bunch of projects. And February is Hatathon Month! I have agreed to do a half hatathon and knit 13 hats in the month of February. The hard part is that I have a lot more lightweight yarn in single skeins than I have worsted weight. Worsted and bulky yarn makes for very quick hats! Fingering weight yarn… not so much. I’m going to have to get creative if I’m really going to crank out 13 hats in 28 days.

Here are some of my planned hats:
Aviatrix Baby Helmet
Another reflective running hat from the Purl Bee pattern here
Biergarten Hat
Slouchy Springtime Beret
Classic Cuffed Hat (with Pompom!)
I Heart Cables kiddo hat

And…a bunch more, I guess!

FO Friday: Two Antlers

One of the antler sweaters I knit I forgot to photograph, but it was sent to a swap buddy from my October Mamas ravelry group for her son’s second birthday. I knit it in Berroco Pure Merino (another Antler from that same stash yarn), and it took about two weeks. The second one was from purchased yarn, since my friend Claire requested a blue sweater for her baby boy. I used Berroco Vintage, from Fibre Space, and it only took nine days. At least I photographed this one before I gave it away- Claire moved to the West Coast while pregnant (sob) but at least I could send her off with knitwear.


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