Wip: Acer

It is never ending, this cardigan. The body is all done, but I’m only halfway through the first sleeve. On the plus side, I’m not feeling too much in a rush to finish a sweater it’s already getting too warm to wear.


Long naps do at least make for knitting time. Thanks, Gabe.



Our few months of sleeping through the night are over. One nap, which sometimes doesn’t work. 18 month sleep regression… 2 year molars joining us early, like all the other teeth… It’s some rough times over here. So I haven’t been knitting nearly as much. But I finished the fronts of the Acer Cardi and am nearly done with the back. I have two baby gifts ready for babies due in May. And now the next round begins! One of the (sweet) perils of joining a moms group and making good friends is that everybody starts working on number two around the same time. Not us… But it means a lot of fun knitting opportunities! Two more October kiddies so far, and I figure I better get knitting wee sweaters ASAP since I’m sure there will be more to come. So much for my wip-down.

Conveniently, I have lots of yarn. Now the question is, which sweaters to make? Sadly, I have mostly fingering weight in stash. I may need to get more Aran and sport weight, for speedier gifts!

My sister and mother arrive shortly for a week in DC. I can’t wait to see them. Not just because I’m tired… But their timing is lovely. Three can chase a toddler far more easily than one!

Here’s the handsome if rambunctious kiddo…


Wip: Acer

The Acer Cardi is moving right along. I’m about 1/3 done, and I love it! I want to lengthen it by a half inch, based on other sweaters I’ve been wearing; hopefully that won’t adversely affect my yardage needs versus yarn purchased. It’s a super color, too. I can’t wait to wear it! Wish it were already done since it’s been so miserable here. But at least I will have it for Rhinebeck!


FO: Ravellenics scarf

Finished on time, but photographed today… No official medal but I’m still a winner! And it’s pretty but a rather odd size for actually seeing the lace. Nice as a basic scarf, but then the lace is all bundled up. Whatever, the color is perfect!




Wip: Ravellenics project

My knitting group is knitting Sugarfrost for our Ravellenics project. Some of us anyways. I am seven repeats in… Only a bit behind, for now. Pretty but time consuming lace!


Wip: green baby sweater

I’ve been working on a little green sweater for a few weeks now and wanted to finish it before the Ravellenics kick off tomorrow. That goal isn’t happening… But I finished the first sleeve during tonight’s pre-opening coverage. It’s so adorable! Love it. Socks that rock yarn… It works.


FO: Storm at Sea

My week away at my parents was essentially a quilting retreat. I finished the baby quilt, pin basted a gift quilt, and finished Storm at Sea. How many years has that been on my goals list??? So many! I am exceedingly pleased with myself.

The piecing for this I started at a quilt retreat. I finished it on my mom’s old Athena, and mostly my Rocketeer. Old 60s Singers do beautiful straight stitches. All the quilting was done on my mom’s Bernina, using a walking foot for the main quilt waves and a free motion foot for the borders, which have a wave pattern and a bubble pattern. They’re subtle, since I was still nervous about my machine stitching, but I’m very pleased with the quilting. And now I’m ready to do the third quilt, at home with my own machine! Eventually. Let’s not be hasty.

Pics or it didn’t happen!





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