Goal review

The year is half over. Gabe will turn 2 in only three months. What?!?!? How did this happen?? So time to see how I’m doing on those goals of mine…

Get down to 10 UFOs- well, the massive sweater for baby thing is messing with my count. But I think I only have 13 real ufos left. Amazing!!

Cold sheep the majority of the time – a few purchases this past month, but that’s all I’ve bought. Nice!

Knit socks and sweaters for me (ideally 2 of each)- I finished a sweater for me and worked on socks for a while… Still moving along.

Make a majority of the gifts I give in 2014- yes!!! Doing great on this.

Quilt Storm at Sea, because it’s been 5 years since I started the darn thing- YES!!!! Woohoo!!!

Knit for Gabe (this is almost a gimme, since of course I will)- working on his birthday sweater

Sew some stuff – finished another two quilts! My goal for July is to make a Halloween costume for Gabe.

Make another stocking and more Alicia Paulson ornaments… before Christmas 2014- yeah not yet!

And outside of crafting, I want to read 50 books again (suspect that will be harder this year), and I want to exercise at least 3 days a week (also, hard… but walking counts).- doing ok on books, I’m already done with 22 books. Exercise has been less of a success, but I’m running 2-3 times a week and walking a lot still. Yay.

That’s better than I thought! Yay 2014. Now back to gift knitting. A second sweater is already ready for buttons.


Lady Manda gave me a copy of moosewood’s Simple Suppers a few years back, but I didn’t get into it right away. But now? I’m loving it. Just what I needed! This week I’m trying a few ideas from there.

Monday: arugula pizza, sour cherry crumble (already made!) and something on the side, all for our veggie dinner guest

Tuesday: red beans and coconut rice from the cookbook

Wednesday: tofu and mushroom Marsala with brilliant yellow noodles (maybe this is a better fancy dinner??) from the book

Thursday: bean enchiladas

Friday: lemon chicken with potatoes

Saturday: Italian potpie

5/7 vegetarian 1-2/7 vegan… Most of them in line with my goal of losing weight before training begins for he Richmond Half! Down 5 so far. Yay!

Sweaters oh my

I have been knitting like crazy lately, in between rereading the Anne of Green Gables series. First, Master Charles for Gabe’s birthday gift. I love it already, and I’m already divided to work on the back. Super quick!


Then I cast on for a baby dress for whoever has a girl this fall. Ooh so adorable, but I obviously wasn’t thinking about the six inches of fingering weight for the skirt! Oy.


And the latest cast on? Antler, for an upcoming boy baby. Thanks, Paula, for suggesting the worsted weight in size one idea. I’ve almost finished the first sleeve in just a few hours of evening knitting. Perfect!


Hurray for babies. I feel like I’m finally on track with the gift knitting… For now!

Pre-Christmas Gifting

Although I recently finished Acer, I’ve been crafting a great deal lately on stuff that simply isn’t bloggable. I made it a goal this year to give handmade gifts, and have basically done that all year thus far. I have made baby quilts, baby sweaters, and made great inroads on my Christmas gifting.

  • A gorgeous Christmas quilt for the Christian in my household? Check. Quilted, bound, washed, and ready to be mailed.
  • Mitts and a scarflet? Mitts done, scarf half done.
  • Sweater for the kiddo? Pattern selected, yarn wound, knitting begun.

Now, sweaters for all the next crop of babies? Only one is cast on. Whoopsies. I only have 4-5 months to whip up three sweaters… SO FAR! Yikes. They may get booties. Or hats. Have to ponder the feasibility of knitting a sweater for every future baby of every girl in my my mom’s groups. Reality says I better stick with quicker gifts, but then my heart says that cute little sweater only takes 3 weeks of easy knitting, and I tend to go with my heart over my mind when it comes to knitting.

My goal for July is to really get on with the Christmas crafting. This gives me a month to finish up other projects before I get back into the holiday gifts. One baby sweater better be done by then! And as for the Christmas crafts to work on that month and beyond? I need to come up with something for the husband. Something for my father. The actual knitting for Gabe’s sweater. And a few good gifts for friends. I may do foodie gifts this year (especially for the mom friends)… I have some jam ready to go, but It takes time to handcraft holidays. I definitely want to pull out the Alicia Paulson ornament kits and make up another (I’m up to… two and two partially completed ones? Seriously?) And on top of all of it, I want to make a blue and white stocking for me. To match Gabe’s. Because that’s how our multicultural family rolls.

Are you thinking about your holiday crafting? Any local ladies interested in joining a holiday crafternoon (or more likely, post-bedtime get-together in the basement) in July? 

FO: Acer

It still isn’t blocked, and let’s be real. I may not bother until the fall. But I finished the Acer cardigan! It’s super cute, and I love it. I think it will be a great part of my winter wardrobe. It may look better if I lose 10 pounds, but it’s fine as-is (which is good, because I start half marathon training again in a couple months, and I never lose weight while in training).

Yay sweaters!


Wip: Acer

It is never ending, this cardigan. The body is all done, but I’m only halfway through the first sleeve. On the plus side, I’m not feeling too much in a rush to finish a sweater it’s already getting too warm to wear.


Long naps do at least make for knitting time. Thanks, Gabe.



Our few months of sleeping through the night are over. One nap, which sometimes doesn’t work. 18 month sleep regression… 2 year molars joining us early, like all the other teeth… It’s some rough times over here. So I haven’t been knitting nearly as much. But I finished the fronts of the Acer Cardi and am nearly done with the back. I have two baby gifts ready for babies due in May. And now the next round begins! One of the (sweet) perils of joining a moms group and making good friends is that everybody starts working on number two around the same time. Not us… But it means a lot of fun knitting opportunities! Two more October kiddies so far, and I figure I better get knitting wee sweaters ASAP since I’m sure there will be more to come. So much for my wip-down.

Conveniently, I have lots of yarn. Now the question is, which sweaters to make? Sadly, I have mostly fingering weight in stash. I may need to get more Aran and sport weight, for speedier gifts!

My sister and mother arrive shortly for a week in DC. I can’t wait to see them. Not just because I’m tired… But their timing is lovely. Three can chase a toddler far more easily than one!

Here’s the handsome if rambunctious kiddo…



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